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Tom Archer, LMBT

Clinical Body Worker

Presentation: How Breast Implants Change Structure Functions.

The problems with breast implants are vast, and from a structural perspective there are many things that get tugged, stretched and frozen. For example, one muscle that gets traumatized from breast implant surgery and the presence of implants afterwards: pec minor. Dysfunction in this muscle can be attributed to: breast pain, breathing issues, numbness down the arm, neck pain, rounded shoulders, pelvic tension, rib cage mobility, inactivation of the TVA, and head forward posture to name a few.


Tom Archer is a father 2, husband and veteran. He practices visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage therapy and other osteopathic oriented techniques to help patients find the root cause of pain and dysfunction. His curiosity about the negative effects of breast implants started about 5 years ago after he noticed that many of his clients with breast implants had similar symptoms including pain, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune. He practices in Charlotte, NC.



Tom Archer, LMBT #14327

insta: @bodyworkertom

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