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Breast Implant Health Summit 2022

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  • This 4-day practitioner-driven summit aims to educate healthcare professionals and will provide them with tools and strategies to address the needs of patients experiencing breast implant-related health concerns. 

  • Global Health experts will share their research, their clinical experiences studies, and address current topics.

  • If you are a healthcare professional caring for a patient with implantable devices, such as breast implants, this summit will help you learn more about the risks associated with them.

  • Haymarket is sponsoring 4 hours of CME credited presentations. These 4 specific presentations will be available live on Saturday morning. ACCME, ANCC, AAPA

  • While the conversation is geared toward practitioners; those with breast implant-related illnesses are also welcome to attend

Why the Breast Implant Health Summit...  

Quite simply, there is a lack of awareness among practitioners regarding the potential effects of breast implants on the body. We have gathered data, research, and real-world experiences from multidisciplinary teams. In this forum, we can all learn and develop safer and faster ways to help this population heal. This is a GLOBAL health issue that affects women, men, and transgender people. There are numerous publications that should be brought to light to further education, research, and support. This summit aims to provide unbiased and informative learning opportunities.


We are already in the planning stages for the next research and the support structure for this underserved community and we look forward to hosting the 2022 summit.



  • Case studies and practical applications for those with breast implant-related issues

  • Insights and perspectives into natural health approaches and conventional medicine

  • Learn how chemicals, environmental toxins, heavy metals, and pathogens disrupt pathways in the body

  • How to tackle the complicated topics, like breast implant illness and emotional trauma

  • How to be an advocate for breast implant-related issues

  • Q&A panels via chat and round table discussion (bring your questions)


  • 30+ presentations from leading experts 

  • Four months of on-demand access to the Summit

  • Earn CMEs on 4 specific Presentations - Saturday morning (to be announced)

  • Networking opportunities with like-minded professionals

  • Opportunities to ask questions 



Danielle Valoras

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Terri Diaz







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