Terri Diaz

Vice President and Cofounder

Breast Implant Safety Alliance

Presentation: Bridging the Gap between the Client and Practitioner Relationship



Terri Diaz is a wife and mother from Florida and is a breast implant illness survivor. What ultimately prompted Terri to become involved in patient safety advocacy was the results of her own 10-year debilitating illness due to an adverse reaction to an implantable medical device placed in 2006. At the time of implanting, she was not informed of the side effects that can be caused by breast implants.


In her commitment to supporting awareness, Terri has founded a group on Facebook in Florida to support local women looking to remove their breast implants. This group is dedicated to helping women navigate through the journey of properly removing their breast implants for optimal health and healing.  

She was asked to share her testimony at the FDA closed meeting in Sept. 2018 on the safety of breast implants and again in March of 2019 at the open meeting on the safety of breast implants.

With over 4 years of experience in advocacy work.  She has been sought out by multiple News Stations in Florida (WFTV, WPTV, and CBS4) to share her personal story and to promote awareness on Breast Implant Illness and Safety.


A close group of advocates realized the need for education regarding breast implant safety and joined forces to co-found Breast Implant Safety Alliance (BISA), which Terri resides as Vice President. This organization is dedicated to working with patients, advocates, medical professionals, health organizations, the FDA, and state/federal governments, focusing on evidence-based advocacy, striving to educate and empower patients to be their own advocates and ensure they are provided the necessary information when making healthcare decisions.

Terri continues to lobby local Florida Legislators for an informed consent bill for breast implants in the state of Florida and for their support on the Medical Safety Device Act and Guardians Act.


She has found her passion for facilitating the Breast Implant Health Summit 2020. The purpose of the summit is for physicians and health care providers to share ideas on how to help heal women that experience breast implant illness. Our commitment is to bring together a round table discussion on the continuing education of breast implant illness and to share ideas for optimal healing with practitioners, diverse health care fields, and patients.


Terri's dedication to this cause is for the women that are still left behind. Her advocacy is the voice for the voiceless. That commitment has now expanded to working in advocacy full time.