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Rachel Brummet

FDA Consumer Representative

Presentation: BIA-ALCL: An FDA Consumer Representative Perspective.

As the consumer representative for the 2019 breast implant FDA hearing, Rachel will discuss the data given to the panel and the recommendations she made on behalf of breast implant patients. She will also discuss what is needed to obtain an ICD code for Breast Implant Illness.




Rachel Brummert is a Special Government Employee (SGE) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She is also a contributor at Drugwatch, Medshadow Foundation, and Health Web Magazine and is a founding member of the American Society for Pharmacovigilance STRIPE Initiative. 


Rachel began her journey in healthcare advocacy in 2006 when she suffered permanent adverse reactions from a commonly prescribed antibiotic called Levaquin. She used her experience as a harmed patient to advocate for others and working in partnership with established consumer advocacy groups and agencies whose work centers around patient safety. She also collaborates with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and her patient safety work has been featured in Consumer Reports, Washington Post, Web MD, and television media. 


Rachel earned her Bachelor of Science from Cabrini University in Special Education and her Master of Science from Rutgers University in Substance Abuse Counseling. 


Originally from East Brunswick, New Jersey she now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.




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