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Pankaj Tiwari, MD

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Presentation: 'Doc, are my Capsules Infected?'  Pathogenic Contamination in 400 Total En Bloc Capsulectomies

We will plan to review our data from 400 cases in our initial experience with total en bloc capsulectomy and implant removals and categorize the pathogenic organisms, bacterial and fungal, colonizing the capsulectomy specimens. We will also be able to stratify data between breast reconstruction and aesthetic patients cohorts.


"Doctors Kocak and Tiwari founded Midwest Breast & Aesthetic surgery to focus on the reconstructive needs of breast patients.  Our practice focuses on care of patients with breast implant illness and breast cancer using advanced reconstructive and microsurgical techniques.  We are both fellowship trained in microsurgery at MD Anderson Cancer Center and former full-time faculty members at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, Ohio."

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