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Laura A Mauriello BSN, RN, CHHC

Founder and Co-Owner

Center for the Healing Arts

Presentation: Activating Your Hearts Intelligence and How Coherence Can Help You Heal 



Laura is one of the founding partners and co-owner of Center for the Healing Arts, LLC in Charlotte, NC. Center for the Healing Arts is an integrative holistic wellness center collaborating with healthcare and other professionals and the communities they serve to promote heart centered coaching/mentoring that supports wellness and healing.


As a Registered Nurse, Laura’s passion as a life-long student of non-traditional methods of healing led her to pursue additional training and certifications in Health Coaching, Primordial Sound Meditation©, the Actualized Leader Profile©, and Heart Math© with emphasis on utilizing the Stress and Well-Being Assessment tool. Laura combines her nursing background with a holistic mind, body, spirit approach that evaluates all areas of her clients lives. By meeting people where they are, Laura has partnered with hundreds of clients to provide guidance in accordance to their readiness to make lifestyle changes and increase self-awareness. By using a unique combination of available modalities Laura guides her clients to wellness by connecting to the qualities of their hearts that in turn create more inner peace and the knowing of the importance of the healing power within each of us.


When Laura is not inspiring her clients she can be found outdoors spending time in nature, she is a dedicated student of yoga and meditation, is an avid reader and is passionate about cooking healthy meals. Laura is married to Ron Roth; she has two grown sons, Alex and Mark. She is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches, a member of the Health Coach Group and is a Licensed Registered Nurse in NC.




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