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Landon Pryor, MD, FACS

Founder, President & CEO, Plastic Surgeon

Presentation: Emerging Trends in Breast Implant Illness




Dr. Landon Pryor, MD FACS is a triple fellowship-trained and board-certified plastic surgeon located in
Rockford, IL. He has extensive expertise in face, body, and breast cosmetic surgery procedures, along
with the latest non-surgical and minimally invasive advancements. In recent years, Dr. Pryor has
devoted more of his time to the study, research, and development of Breast Implant Illness, also known as BII.
Many women with breast implants use the term breast implant illness (BII) to describe symptoms of
illness they believe resulted from breast implants. These symptoms are a result from an inflammatory response in the body.
Some patients feel their breast implants (whether saline or silicone, textured or smooth) contributed to their symptoms. Breast Implant Illness is not well understood and is not an official medical diagnosis.
However, Dr. Pryor believes in BII as he watches his patient’s symptoms improve with proper explant
surgery. Dr. Pryor is one of the few doctors that will perform a total capsulectomy, which assures that the entire scar capsule is removed. Performing a total capsulectomy is even more critical if the implant is ruptured, so the silicone won’t spill into the chest cavity. This will give the patient every opportunity to feel better after surgery.
There are many ongoing studies, including four (4) that Dr. Pryor is conducting with help of medical
students at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford exploring possible links between
implants and women experiencing these symptoms. Educating the next generation of doctors and
surgeons on this topic is something Dr. Pryor is passionate about. Many studies have indicated there
may be an improvement in a woman’s health after her breast implants are removed. In 2013, one study published in the Netherlands Journal of Medicine suggested that most of these symptoms disappeared in 69% of women after their implants were taken out.
At PryorHealth, our practice understands that each patient’s health journey and recovery is unique. We emphasize a holistic approach focusing on the patient’s mind, body, and soul. On Staff, Dr. Pryor has two devoted BII Patient Advocates, Laura Bowden and Amy Berg. Laura had her implants removed over 30 years ago and has been fighting for awareness on this topic for years even being interviewed on Oprah and sharing personal her story in 1995. Amy, LPN is experiencing her own BII journey and understands exactly what patients are going through. With their support, alongside other explant paraprofessionals, our patients get the resources they need to hopefully have a full recovery.

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