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Kiera Willms, L.Ac.

Acupuncturist, Herbalist

Certified Meditation, Yoga, Ayurveda & Psychotherapy Consultant

Founder/Clinician of AtEssence – an integrated healing practice

Presentation: Finding Nourishment: The Chinese Medical and Compassionate Inquiry Approach to Breast Implant Wellness



Kiera has been formally studying, teaching and applying the knowledge of Chinese Medicine, herbology, Ayurveda, Classical Hatha Yoga, meditation and non-dual Dharma philosophy for over 20 years to her own life and to those she has the great fortune to work with.  She obtained her Acupuncture license from the state of California in 2004 and soon after founded AtEssence, her private healing practice where she incorporates her knowledge of these profound ancient sciences. Her studies and passion in finding how our held unconscious beliefs and the separation from our authentic selves express in our mental and physical imbalances, eventually led her to meet Dr. Gabor Mate, a pioneer in his field with his understanding of trauma, addiction and his Compassionate Inquiry psychotherapeutic approach to healing.  She is currently deepening her studies with Dr. Gabor Mate through a master level mentorship program in the practice of Compassionate Inquiry.


Kiera runs her online practice and in-person clinic from Costa Rica where she lives with her 2 children. When she is not seeing clients she loves to saturate in those quiet moments of personal practice and explore the local beaches and rivers. She also loves reading everything from Dharma and philosophy books to the latest scientific research on neurobiology and polyvagal theory. She is extremely grateful to be able to continually expand her studies, deepen her own personal path of healing, and to be able to be a resource and guide for others on their unique journey back to wholeness.

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