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Henry Dijkman, Phd

Pathology~Scientific Researcher & Lecturer Medical Sciences

Presentation: Silicone migration and the consequences 

-Gel bleed


-The toxic effects of siloxanes


-Triggering immune system / B cell proliferation

-Dosis response curve

-Cohesive gel and platinum

-Explantation heals

-Differences baker I and IV and which steps to be taken en why

-Detection of silicone via 3 Phase technique invasive

-NEW diagnostic test for silicone toxicity... not invasive


-Take-home messages


Henry Dijkman is an experienced scientist and lecturer with a demonstrated history of 35 years working in labs and research facilities of Hospitals, University & health care industry. Skilled in Nanotechnology, Microscopy (LM-EM-SEM-EDX), Life Sciences, Cancer, Histology and Pathology. PhD medical science, specialised in Nephropathology, Nanotechnology and Silicone Toxicity.

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