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Deanna Hansen

Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy

Presentation: Fascia Decompression to Melt Scar tissue and Release Trauma


Deanna Hansen is the Founder of Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy, a bodywork practice that is therapy, exercise and meditation all in one. Deanna’s work benefits people of all ages, as well as any condition. Focusing on the fascia system, her work teaches people to melt through adhesions and scar tissue, ultimately awakening cells previously blocked from blood and oxygen. From those with debilitating issues to the elite athlete, this work can be modified to address any situation. Deanna has developed an online teacher-training program – Block
Therapy University - so people around the world can teach in their communities and empower others to become their own health advocates. There are currently over 220 people globally, either certified
or going through the process.

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