Hair Diagnostix

Platinum Screen

Hair Diagnostix has developed a test with which platinum, a so-called “marker” of silicone leakage, can be made visible. This proprietary test can detect whether or not your silicone breast implants or other silicone-based body implants are intact.

What is Hair Diagnostix?

Hair Diagnostix is a business unit of Dutch Screening Group that offers a number of unique, scientifically proven hair screening methods, based on multiple technological platforms. By using your hair, we can give you a glance of what is going on in your body, non-invasively. Through these innovative technologies, we are able to look at different (bio)molecules and elements in your body. The results of our hair screenings will be sent to you in the form of a digital report.

How does it work?

In the Hair Diagnostix laboratory, we work with the most modern and accurate technology that’s available in the Mass Spectrometry (MS) market. Through this advanced MS laser technology, Hair Diagnostix unravels the data stored inside your hair.

This data is translated into information that is easy to interpret. To do this, we use patent-pending, in-house software. The combination of these processes enables the creation of a personalized report, or, in other words, your body diary.