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Elisha Robinson, MD

Founder and Director of Integrative Healing Center

Presentation: Thermography in the diagnosis of Breast Implant Illness




Board Certified General Surgeon
Fellowship Trained Breast Health Specialist
Natural Health Practitioner and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner

Dr. Elisha Robinson, founder and director of Integrative Healing Center, is so ecstatic about being able to take part in your healing journey. Her journey began in her youth. Her mother was a farmer from Tennessee, and her father studied herbal therapies. Naturally, holistic healing was a part of her upbringing.

She wanted to make a difference, so she entered the world of medicine, receiving her medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. She is a Board Certified General Surgeon and completed her residency at Michigan State University. She subsequently completed a Breast Surgery fellowship at Christ Advocate Hospital and fights breast cancer head on.

She didn't stop there because she felt that something was missing. Knowing that the key and foundation to complete healing is in the body itself, she became a Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. She also has completed certification in Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapy and not only treats breast cancer, but all chronic conditions as she treats the whole patient.

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